SF Concert Chorale

Welcome to the San Francisco Concert Chorale

Our mission

The San Francisco Concert Chorale seeks to create a vibrant community of vocal musicians interested in furthering their musical education. We focus on the rehearsal process, providing world-class musicians to coach and mentor singers to an exacting professional standard. The end of the journey is a celebration of performance that is shared by the external community.


Audition for the 35th Season!

Our first audition date will be Wed., Aug. 22, 2007. A limited number of auditions will be scheduled, please call before spots fill up!

This will be an exciting season which will include a concert in Honolulu, Hawaii. If you are an experienced singer and would like to join our community of musicians, please contact 415.840.0675 to schedule an audition.

Paid section leader positions are available.

During the concert season, San Francisco Concert Chorale rehearses on Sunday evenings from 7:15 to 10 pm at Second Church of Christ Scientist, 655 Dolores Street, San Francisco.

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